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Zombie Escape - ze.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Wesker and Bright

Zombie Escape is a dedicated escape server where a group of humans have to escape from the zombie horde. Humans must run from the zombies and prevent themselves from being infected, often while completing additional map defined objectives.
Jailbreak - jb.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Bacon and Infinityward

Jail Break is role play mod where the CT's are the guards and the T's are the prisoners. The Guards order the prisoners around but if the T's follow orders and do not attack the guards they cannot shoot the prisoners. The prisoner's goal is to riot and take control of the prison by killing every CT.
Trouble in Terrorist Town - ttt.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Greggy G and Trazz

Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is a gamemode that tests your awareness and trust. Players are divided up into three different groups: Innocent, Detective, and Traitor. The Innocents & Detectives need to figure out who the Traitors are, while the Traitors task is to kill all Innocents and Detectives.
MiniGames - mg.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Noxstar and Damon

MiniGames is a series of fun maps that can provide some good laughs. Every map has a unique idea that makes playing CS:GO new and interesting.
Skill Surf - surf.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Dreamz and Kopsta

Skill Surf is a gamemode where you slide on and navigate a series of ramps and other obstacles to reach the end of a map. The server's surf timer will keep track of your best times and award you points accordingly to your map placement and completions.
RPG FFA - surfdm.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Damon and Kopsta

SurfRPG is exactly what it sounds like. It's surfing... with guns. Our server has a RPG plugin that allows you to level up and obtain upgrades that you can use to get an advantage over other players.
Bunnyhop (Bhop) - bhop.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Noxstar

Bunnyhop is a movement based gamemode where you chain jumps on platforms to reach the end of the map as quick as possible. With different styles, the timer keeps track of your times and awards your points accordingly to your completions and map placement.
Free For All Deathmatch - ffa.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Poke

FFA (Free For All) is a deathmatch gamemode that puts players against each other with any gun of their choosing. The goal is to kill anyone you see to score kill streaks, with each kill granting you a full ammo clip and some health regained. You're on your own in this server, pal!
Retakes - retakes.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Greggy G
Retakes is a gamemode meant to simulate competitive style site retaking. There are five people on each team and the CTs must kill all of the Ts and defuse the bomb. The Ts must kill all of the CTs or defend the site long enough for the bomb to explode.
1v1 Multi Arena - onevone.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Poke and Infinityward

1v1 Multi Arena is a gamemode where you are put into an arena against another opponent to battle it out and see who's the better player!
Scrim Server - scrim.steam-gamers.net:27015 Maintained by Trazz

Scrim is a competitive-style match mode where teams play against each other to win the most matches.
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