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Zombie Escape -
Zombie Escape is simply a dedicated escape server that only runs escape maps. The server has become more popular than any of our others and now has a solid map rotation of escape maps. If you aren't a subscriber it can be hard to get on the server during prime time since it is always full.


Hello everyone,

Just a quick announcement - we are bringing back the rank of Technical Manager. While I'm sure most of you have already guessed who will assume this role...please welcome Liam Brown to his new role! His duties will more or less be the exact same, but he is a bit more directly involved in where our TA's are spending their time fixing stuff. Essentially, he's in charge of TA prioritization and accountability. Please welcome him to his new rank!

Been a while since we announced our last set of awards, but here are a couple of new ones for you guys to earn!

The first set of three are donor awards for all the VIP folks that would love to have.

Dedicated VIP:

Dedicated VIP 2:

Dedicated VIP 3:

The next set of four are server related awards for our new Retakes server. These are also based on playtime of 1 day, 5 days, 15 days, and 30 days, respectively.

Thanks @shoiep for designing these awards!

If you would like to request an award, you can view them here.

The recent CSGO update broke the servers, with or without SM loaded. It looks like we need to wait for a fix from valve in order to get the servers up and running again. We are continuing to monitor the situation. Will update you as soon as we know more.


Servers are back up!!

It's about time for this month's MGT!
With an overwhelming victory in the vote, this month's game mode is..

CS:GO Deathrun

Run alongside your buddies towards death while avoiding traps set off by the Ts!


Friday, September 29th - Sunday, October 1st


Map List:

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Once again it's time for the community to vote on which game mode gets to be this month's MGT event. The game mode with the highest number of votes will be chosen as the MGT. The poll opens for 1 week. You only get one vote so choose wisely on which one you really want to play. Below are a showcase of the game modes you get to vote for September:

CSGO Hitman

A gamemode where 1 random person is selected as the Hitman and the rest are known as 'Targets'. The Hitman will get 1 random

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