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Zombie Escape -
Zombie Escape is simply a dedicated escape server that only runs escape maps. The server has become more popular than any of our others and now has a solid map rotation of escape maps. If you aren't a subscriber it can be hard to get on the server during prime time since it is always full.


Welcome to May's Monthly Get Together!

The winner of this month's game mode is...

Chicken Wars


Saturday, May 27th - Monday, May 29th


Simply kill the enemy team while playing as a chicken, but since you have little health and are too slow to evade fire, you must hide with normal chickens scattered across the map.

Map List:

Have Fun!!!

Come check out our new Rising Storm 2: Vietnam server! The open beta is still up for another day, and the full game releases in a week. Litkey (yes, the Litkey) is co-managing it with me, and we've already got quite a few players hopped on.

Litkey is constantly playing, so for those of you who want to meet or reconnect with the man, the myth, the legend - come play! It's a really fun game and is actually pretty realistic.

For discussion go here:

The Prizes
For Subscribers:
1. AWP | Asiimov (Well-Worn)
2. AWP | Hyper Beast (Field-Tested)
3. AK-47 | Point Disarray (Minimal Wear)
4. AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge (Field-Tested)
5. StatTrakâ„¢ P250 | Muertos (Factory New)
6. AK-47 | Wasteland Rebel (Battle-Scarred)
7. StatTrakâ„¢ M4A1-S | Dark Water (Field-Tested)
8. AK-47 | Frontside Misty (Minimal Wear)
9. M4A1-S | Mecha Industries (Field-Tested)
10. StatTrakâ„¢ AK-47 | Blue Laminate (Field-Tested)

For the Public:
1. 1 Month Sub (Courtesy of

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Once again it's time for the community to vote on which game mode gets to be this month's MGT event. The game mode with the highest number of votes will be chosen as the MGT. The poll opens for 1 week. You only get one vote so choose wisely on which one you really want to play. Below are a showcase of the game modes you get to vote for May:

CSGO Base Builder

Basebuilder is a zombie gamemode from counter-srike 1.6 where your objective is to build a base using objects around the map and defending it against attacking

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Hey everyone,

As you may have gathered from the increase in temperature, summer is approaching! The Board and I are excited to have some increased population, and we want to host some events! While these events are to gather some more players, they are also to give back to the current, loyal player-base in the community! Black Rain won't be attending (because she doesn't do anything), but the rest of the BD's should be there.

We have a few ideas running through our heads, but we want to hear from YOU! We figure that the more ideas we have, the better we can mash something together. Some of our ideas:

  • Multiple events,

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