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Zombie Escape -
Zombie Escape is simply a dedicated escape server that only runs escape maps. The server has become more popular than any of our others and now has a solid map rotation of escape maps. If you aren't a subscriber it can be hard to get on the server during prime time since it is always full.


Thanks to @Liam Brown we were able to apply a recent update for sourcemod. However, this isn't a 100% fix according to the alliedmodders developers, so we need you guys to report any problems you notice on the servers so that we can squash out these bugs.

Which server has the problem?

What is the problem?

What time did this occur?

It's that time of the month again and for you guys to vote on which game mode will be chosen for this month's MGT event. The game mode with the highest number of votes will be chosen as the MGT. The poll opens for 1 week. You only get one vote so choose wisely on which one you really want. Below are a showcase of the game modes you get to vote for this month:

CSGO Hitman

A gamemode where 1 random person is selected as the Hitman and the rest are known as 'Targets'. The Hitman will

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Yet another recent CSGO update has broke Sourcemod. @Liam Brown has been generous enough to implement temporary fixes that saved ZE, 1v1, and FFA, but the other servers will need an official fix. We'll provide more information on server updates whenever possible.

Hi hi, so if you haven't noticed I went from a weeb Administrative Officer orange to a weeb Legend grape. A lot of people are probably wondering why after all the work I did and enjoyed doing that I'd decide to turn myself into a Legend. Well basically in truth I messed up. Some things happened that I thought I could fix with people but it spiraled out of control and I failed to control certain emotions. But that's pretty much what happened, no one's fault except for mine alone. What I really wanted to type is a huge thanks to everyone for allowing me to become an AO of this community. I did enjoy working with everyone to make ZE and the community better.

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Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, we have not done too many events during the summer. Spiked and I have been pretty busy with IRL, as well as having more pressing matters to deal with at this place. One event that we did want to do, however, has been decided to last the whole month of August - which is this fundraiser.

As some of you may know, @McBride recently had a child that was born with a rare, fatal condition. McBride has been around this community for a long time, so we'd like to show our support to him by donating 50% of our funds earned throughout the month of August to him.

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