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    AWP secret isn't designed to be balanced. It's designed to be powerful for the person that's using it. The balance comes from only 0-1 people using it at the start of each round. So what if the T in there gets 2 kills? 3 kills? Even 4 kills? It's not like the secret is doing all the work for them. The T has to be pretty skilled to get more than 2 kills with the secret. It's pretty easy as a CT to just pinch from both angles or nade spam the window to kill the T if you're not brain dead. CT's need to learn to adapt just as the T's do. If you currently consider AWP secret to be "overpowered" you're just telling everybody you don't know how to play CT besides mindlessly holding W towards the rebeller. Maybe think of other ways to counter the secret that doesn't play into their hand.

    Not to mention, no, the CT's have about an extra 2 seconds to grab a gun, open armory, and choose an angle to pin down before the T can peak from the window or garage, even on the old razor version where the AWP wasn't above the window.

    Stop whining about "overpowered" secrets just because they can't be handled with a cookie cutter obvious method.

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    You are able to beat AWP secret even in the old version, I've done it to chy and cnb. The problem derives from CTs taking their sweet time in armory allowing Ts rushing AWP secret to set up and farm kills. The new version (refering to pb, not revamp) essentially forces Ts to peek later into the round, as soon as armory doors no matter what, first priority is killing any Ts in that secret. I think revamp did this best, as if the T is fast enough, they can peek early from garage and catch CTs off guard if they exit late, or they can simply reposition into other areas.

    As daft said, don't blame the secret because you keep getting killed by it. Electric razor's been on the server long enough that any truly game-breaking bugs have been ironed out years ago.

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    The reason the AWP was moved on razor_pb was to allow the CTs more time to prepare because you can jump off the van and grab the awp immediately. Revamp does not have this, you have to hit the secret button and jump onto the platform that moves out, if you miss it you're practically dead. We feel revamp is fine at the moment.

    Edit: I've been informed you can also do this on revamp, we will see about making changes.

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