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    TTT Map Feedback: Day 2

    Hey all,

    Here is the second set of maps. If you weren't there for the event we'll provide map screenshots for each map in case you forgot what they look like. I'll also put down the server vote percentage. Thanks to everyone who participated, we appreciate the feedback we got, Sunday is the last day we'll be getting feedback on the server, so make sure you come!

    1. ttt_floodzone_2

    Server Vote Percentage: 55% of 20 voted to get rid of the map.


    2. ttt_oregon_v1

    Server Vote Percentage: 25% of 16 voted to get rid of the map.


    3. ttt_parkhousefix_sg_fix_v1

    Server Vote Percentage: 31% of 13 voted to get rid of the map.


    4. ttt_hotwireslum

    Server Vote Percentage: 25% of 12 voted to get rid of the map.


    5. ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_V3_1

    Server Vote Percentage: 59% of 17 voted to get rid of the map.


    6. ttt_vo_sg

    Server Vote Percentage: 43% of 14 voted to get rid of the map.


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    1. ttt_floodzone_2

    I don't really mind this map staying or leaving. Its barely voted in and the only thing that really pops out is the T room. Other than that, its a map with some sneaky angles that T's can utilize.

    2. ttt_oregon_v1

    This map is loved by a lot of the players. It is played more than other maps and everyone likes the "rainbow six" style walls that can break. I honestly have no problems with this map. The roof is the most notable spot where people stay together. I think this map should stay.

    3. ttt_parkhousefix_sg_fix_v1

    This map isn't bad. The house is of course the main spot of this map but the surroundings are nice. The little hills and the bridge can be utilized by the T's for some long range plays with a scoped weapon of some sorts and the players don't dislike it. I am against it's removal.

    4. ttt_hotwireslum

    This map I personally do not like. There are a lot of different rooms and hiding spots. The rounds can be dragged out due to this. Due to the vote percentage you can tell people on the server like the map, but I do not. It is also rarely voted in. I am for its removal.

    5. ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_V3_1

    This maps time is over. The boat that circles the ship is the most liked thing about this map. It is barely voted in and the hiding spots can drag out the rounds. I am for its removal.

    6. ttt_vo_sg

    This map has been here for a while. It isn't a bad map. I feel if it gets voted in more it could become more enjoyed by the people. One of the main problems to this map is that it isn't popular. Most people want closequarters or other staple maps. I enjoy this map when I play on it and im sure others do too. I am against its removal.

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    1. ttt_floodzone_2


    2. ttt_oregon_v1

    bad unless you like r6

    3. ttt_parkhousefix_sg_fix_v1

    dogshit bad

    4. ttt_hotwireslum

    simple gameplay not fun

    5. ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_V3_1


    6. ttt_vo_sg

    rarely played, because it just feels like a shittier highschool with a more cramped layout

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    Sucks I cant join the server and press 1 or 2 to be more impactful

    Most of these maps are just filler, whether they stayed or were removed; I dont particularly feel that any of these stand out or bring any true impact to the server. Seeing the server is on any of these isn't the same as seeing it on any of the more 'meta' maps.


    A great concept and great execution. The map is great but I believe it'll never be staple. No reason to remove it though.

    2. ttt_oregon_v1

    Another great map, but the main problem is that it isn't utilized correctly, nearly the entire server stays on the roof or runs laps around the building when the destroyable surfaces are inside. The only time theyre broken is (or rather was) the start of the round and Ts traversing the map quickly.


    Entirely forgettable, would make 0 difference if kept or removed.


    Too many nooks and crannies, you're either on the roof or have a high chance of being shot by American Sniper holding the most off angle Tides would be proud of. Kills the population like no other.

    ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_V3_1 / ttt_vo_sg

    Respectively, these maps are bland and forgettable. Another 2 that fit the criteria of no one would really care if they're removed.

    All in all, these maps aren't particularly bad just entirely forgettable, except the first two and slum, fuck slum.

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    I'm going to begin this post by saying I'm in favor of removing most of these maps, but I'll try to give some decent feedback on them.

    1. ttt_floodzone_2

    One of the only maps on this list that sustains the population (or increases it), I personally don't enjoy it, but I know a lot of people who do. Not played very much, but it's definitely voted in more than the rest of these maps.

    2. ttt_oregon_v1

    It's a solid map that's usually voted in because people recognize it from R6. I have no bad things to say about this map, I think it should stay.

    3. ttt_parkhouse_fix_v1

    Rarely voted in/nominated. I genuinely enjoy this map, the game play seems fun with a lot of peeking spots/places to get some sneaky kills. You can get around rather quick using the bridges and hills to cover you. But, I don't think it would make a huge difference if this stayed or left.

    4. ttt_hotwireslum

    Almost never played, but when we do it ends up killing the server, or it gets RTV'd immediately. Like Case said the rounds are often elongated due to people hiding in dark corners that someone would probably never check. This map could probably disappear without anyone noticing.

    5. ttt_roy_the_ship_csgoport_v3_1

    I have never liked this map, and it isn't played that often anymore. Another map that wouldn't make a difference if it stayed or was removed. Bdcoll made a better boat map.

    6. ttt_vo_sg

    This map blows. Another map that is rarely played and I would have no problem seeing it getting removed.

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    Rather than going through these one by one and justifying why I do or don't like each map, I'd like to look at things a bit more holistically from what I think seems to be taking place. Maps really don't have a huge effect on gameplay, so it was pretty reasonable previously for people to be in favor of creative, good-looking, and even zany maps to spice up gameplay. Maps like sinking ship were so cool as a concept, or crummy cradle made for some bonkers antics. It seems like now more than ever, people tend to take the game more seriously. There's a lot more of a focus on maps that have places for innocents to hide, Traitors to feel alone in or escape to, and less forgiveness for poor visibility or clunky physics props to get stuck on. While players previously tended to favor a high map variety, it seems now that people are in favor of playing the same 6 maps, learning angles, layouts, hell maybe even smoke lineups like you would playing Competitive. Looking at maps through this lens, I feel, will likely yield better results than taking inconsistent polls about who likes what.

    I've repeatedly trashed EGO in the past for lighting the hell out of maps because it destroys the atmosphere and image of most maps. While I still think it does, I guess people don't care all that much and favor visibility. Don't touch bowling though.

    back to the maps

    floodzone - layout is kind of bad because of clunky navigation and crowded buildings. the grey blue green aesthetic, while nice, is kind of drab and depressing

    oregon - way too big, chop out all the land outside the house leaving 2 entrances and people will play the map more appropriately and delaying should fall too. walls are cool but take too long to break and shooting them is prone to cause freedamage if people actually play inside more. reduce them to knife damage to break

    parkhouse - i love flr and all but this map feels really old and lacks the same polish of most other maps, looks like an art piece repurposed into a ttt map

    hotwire - navigation and map flow is terrible. getting up and down is too difficult or limited for players to confidently traverse the map. visibility is also pretty poor

    roy - a classic. no huge issues with this map other than some clunky navigation and cheeky hiding spots, maybe a few could be clipped off. people like da boat

    vo - map is dope but i might be in the minority here. i see it played pretty often if it gets nominated. No standout issues other than it might be kind of boring and the windows in courtyard need the horizontal bars removed

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    Y'all really hating on roy, an OG TTT map? I'll never forgive the 10 players who vote to shoot the map. Watch yourselves.

    Not gonna write out my thoughts here. None of the statistics look that bad and it's such a small sample size. I wouldn't suggest any of these maps be removed until we can determine which ones are legitimate server killers.

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    Roy is a shitty, outdated version off Aircraft. Like Case said, it's very easy for innocents to win purely based on how good their hiding spots are. This map rarely gets played as is so having it just sit there getting passed by when players are nominating is pointless. Sorry @Kieran

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