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    MG Summer Couples Event

    The MG couples event is back! For the end of the summer we are bringing back the couples competition with new models, reworked maps and tons of fun! Marry your favourite person and collect points all month long for a chance to win some sweet prizes!

    When and Where

    Starts Saturday, August 1st
    Ends Tuesday, September 1st
    On the Minigames Server:

    How It Works

    On the start date of the event, all existing couples’ scores will be reset to 0. You then need to marry a partner to partake in the leaderboard. You can divorce your partner at any time. The command list can be found below. At the end of the event, the top 3 couples will receive the rewards laid out below.

    A 2x Credit Multiplier will also be in effect during the entire event.

    A huge thank you to @Damon for the banner and for making the whole thing possible
    also thank you @20 scrolls for helping out and @urpalerp for suggesting we do a summer event

    Command list:



    First Place: first pick at 2 games from the list below
    Second Place: 2nd pick at 2 games from the list below
    Third Place: last pick at 2 games from the list below
    (2 games per couple, 1 game to each partner)


    - Serious Sam 3: BFE
    - Stardew Valley
    - Tower of Guns
    - Beat Hazard Ultra
    - Blackwell 1: Legacy
    - Chroma Squad

    Please make sure to link your SteamID to your forums account as it makes it easier to know who we need to send the prizes to. Also, if your partner doesn't have a forum account, encourage them to make one! Best of luck to all.

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    Marry me @20 scrolls

    and nice event, im glad to see the idea being used!

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    Sweet Gang Gang time to find my soul mate and my 4th girlfriend oh yes

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    The event is almost here boys! Get ready and may the best couple win ;)
    Some maps also have some fun stuff added to them. Be ready for some summer vibes!

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    Event is live! !couples scores have been reset but marriages have not so you dont have to remarry your old partner. Good luck!

    edit: couples have been completely wiped, you will now have to propose again.

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