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    If you’re crouching before the order is given, then CTs cannot shoot you for crouching. However, if order is to go to big cage, and you’re crouchwalking there, CTs are allowed to shoot you for delaying. If you’re a CT and you really cared about it, just give “All Ts be crouched” or “All CTs be crouched”. If you’re a T, just don’t fuckin do it. You’re intentionally putting faith in whether the CT knows the rules and will enforce the rules. Admins can’t enforce rules that don’t exist, and there’s no rule that “taking a step out” is crouch walking, shift walking, or bum rushing. Admins will almost always favor the CTs in cases like these, so simply don’t try them.

    TL;DR: If you’re a CT, try not to shoot Ts for this stuff, they’ll be angry and make threads like this. If you’re a T, don’t do it in the first place, ya monkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amazing View Post
    I understand the rule and the crouching and uncrouching I was just asking if this could be changed because of the fact that of all the confusion because most of the time the T's are confused and also the CT's that are enforcing the order are confused and then when you ask to go to medic because you were freeshot they usually say "Cool I dont give a fuck"
    There shouldn't be any confusion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
    • Freezing - When told to freeze you are to stay in the same spot, if you were crouched stay crouching, if you were standing stay standing. You may look around unless told otherwise.
    If you take a step out and crouch while the order is "Take a step out and freeze" you deserved the warning shot. The whole,"I could have been crouch walking out of my cell" is bullshit and you deserve the warning shot there; you never should have been crouching in the first place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Asher View Post
    Define freezing: freezing means to stay put and not move your feet, meaning having the same x coordinate, the same z coordinate, and the same y coordinate, depending on the order, you may look around, crouch, knife, etc.. You just can't move your feet. Crouching doesn't move your feet, it moves your body, so your technically still frozen, and it doesn't effect your xyz coordinates, however, jumping does effect your xyz, so they can ws you, if you jump.
    If they say take a "step out and freeze" and you do just that but you're crouching, and they shoot you because you were crouching when the order didn't specify wether to crouch or not, that's called freeshooting.
    Edit: crouching out of your cell counts as delaying, which you can get ws for, like trazz said.
    This is just wrong; read the definition for being Frozen from the Rules and FAQ above.

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    This was answered in this thread.

    As always, Freeze means stay in the position you were in as the order was said, however, mouse movements are allowed.
    If the order is freeze, stay in the position you were in when the order was given. If you were not crouching before the freeze order was given, don't crouch.

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