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    Quote Originally Posted by Arctic View Post
    Not gonna lie but, Boros from one punch man could probably beat goku. He withstand multiple punches from Saitama who is supposed to kill anything in one punch for how powerful he is. Saitama was proven to be probably the strongest anime character that was ever created because, well his name is One Punch Man, so he kills everything in one punch.

    If Boros went head to head Goku I feel like it would be close but Boros would end up winning, Goku has already died twice.
    You’re saying that an alien that can level a planet would beat a guy that has power that exceeds a gods level? I think you’re mistaken. I’ll give it to Saitama and Boros, they’re strong as fuck. But Goku on the other hand will always somehow break his shell and get more powerful. I mean look at the guy, he mastered Ultra Instinct which is power that the literal gods of destruction can’t maintain. Sure he died twice but that doesn’t affect how he would fight in his CURRENT state. I think that point is void and null. If anything, it is 2 different animes and their powers are shown differently. We haven’t seen peek saitama but we have seen peek goku, there is a lot to be seen before we can perfectly judge a fight of these two at their max. For now, I’m giving it to goku as he had shown a stronger level of power.

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    Goku vs. Reinhard or Satella from re:zero




    I honestly think with all that power, they have an upperhand against Goku.

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