Hello everyone,

Please enjoy this soundtrack while you read this exciting thread .

Today we'd like to announce Staff and Member of the Month awards for May. We've had an incredible playerbase who dedicated themselves to discussions and suggestions throughout the past month, and an extremely dedicated team of staff who've supported us in existing and new endeavors. A huge round of applause for those who've enjoyed our community and continue to do so while making SG a better place for everyone (:. That being said, let's launch into these month's awards.

Let's start with Member of the Month! This person has been incredibly helpful to our CAs and ATs by filing countless bug reports and chiming in on suggestions. Along with making player complaints and being a fun person to have on the servers, this individual has proven to be a key part of our community. The team expressed their excitement in seeing their passion for the community and the effort they have been putting in, and we'd like to recognize their contributions to SG!

Please join me in congratulating @gween for being Member of the Month for May!

Next up is our Staff of the Month! This person has spent months dedicating themselves to the success of our community. Working both in front and behind the scenes, this individual has proven himself to be a key contributor in discussions and gracefully handling multiple tasks and servers at once. They've gone above and beyond in their duties to ensure every server is doing well in the community. On top of their promotion to Internal Affairs, their helpfulness and dedication deserves recognition for the month of May. And so, the higher-up team would like to recognize their effort with the Staff of the Month award!

Please join me in congratulating @Trazz for being Staff of the Month for May!

Thank you everyone for continuing to make this place the fun community it is, and we're excited to see what efforts are shown in June. Once again, congratulations @gween and @Trazz !