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    Quote Originally Posted by Creten View Post
    It's not against the rules to use alias binds. Thats what this thread is for, to make it so it is.

    Sad pretty much said my thoughts about this, strafing can become far more superior than binds. The bind has its limit.
    Well then I’m just a big dumb dumb... I’m not that knowledgeable on aelius binds

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    Turn binds are difficult to use. If you can use them, I think you deserve to be able to. Also, that doesn't sound like something we can easily moderate the usage of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dong View Post
    Turn binds have been around forever. Turn binds can only make you “so good” but they have a limit. Mastering natural strafing is far superior to turn binds, so why should turn binds be barred?
    This isn't always the case. There are many maps on Bhop that is mostly just a straight line with a couple of turns, that don't have climbing up platforms. I'm very familiar with bhop and what I can say from my point of view is most of the time, people who use alias turn binds reach about 97%+ sync which is almost perfect and hit consistent 680+ ssj's (Speed on the sixth jump) which is absurd. I know a few people who can hit 680+ ssj's without turn binds but I know much more people who use alias turn binds and are easily capable of hitting that high of a number without even trying. People who don't use alias turn binds have worked significantly hard compared to people who do use them didn't put any effort into it at all. (Maybe a little bit of effort but not as much as legit players)

    A buddy of mine on the server was kind enough to show me the differences of what you can do with alias turn binds. He's very experienced with strafing and very well known throughout the css community who is able of hitting 690 ssj's without using alias turn binds. Anyways, he demonstrated when he used his turn binds he was able to hit above 700 just at that moment and his strafes were much smoother and very different to his normal strafes, when he's not using it which he barely ever touches them.

    I'm just stating my two cents on this and what I have seen myself. Although turn binds can bring you some advantages, I don't see the reason all the way through to completely banish them. But it is still shown as an insult to very experienced Bunny Hoppers. This is my outlook on this whole debate.

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