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    I saw today person just spraying down the door so no one will get in room with him, can this be done? And if I ran into his bullets trying to get into the room after asking him to stop is it kosable? Can I give him warnings for him to stop shooting so I will be able to cross safely? And I saw this also, if person crouched and he is shooting right above him and another person jumps on him right in his bullets on purpose, so is it kosable or no? Um it's not about me I wouldn't do this ever. I saw this on the today we got 2 different sides of opinions, i said it's not kos

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    Crossfire is meant to protect those who accidentally have a stray bullet hit an innocent. This is an attempt to loophole our rules to get people killed intentionally and to claim a room, so no this wouldn't be allowed unless I'm missing something.

    Really if you're setting up your line of fire to intentionally get people killed you should avoid doing it at all.

    I'm double checking with @Trazz to make sure my answer is the right one.

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    No the player cannot do this as he is denying others access to the room by spraying the players down trying to enter. #RoomorAreaClaiming

    So yes if damaged you can kill him for it without it being RDM. If you see this occur feel free to contact an admin or make a player complaint.

    @Kieran please bro learn to swim.

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