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    Store points Refund

    Since SG ZE decided to remove aura and pets because its ruins the game and they cant see anything when beating a boss. Some players spent their store points for aura and pets and they decided to remove it, I think there should be a refund since they cant use aura and have pets on the server. also, most of the regulars only play SG ZE not TTT or JB so they wont be using it on other servers. (I need refund too)

    sorry about my bad english.

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    I usually never play ZE, but to answer your question about the refunding store items. This isn't the first time this has been brought up before about refunding store cosmetics in general, since they have actually decided to remove auras and pets from the store on ZE. I think it would only be fair to receive at least half of the price, the cosmetic costed in the first place.

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    On other communities servers there is a sell back option to get 50-75% back on the item but I’ve never seen a 100% price back guarantee. I’d like to see this implemented because it’s not fair that these players paid this much and have played this much just to lose their cosmetic item. Definitely something that should be look in to.

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    I think not even just for this case but for all the servers and in general you should be able to refund stuff you bought even if its 50% because like me I have a lot of cosmetics but I don't use a lot of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadBunny View Post
    I think not even just for this case but for all the servers and in general you should be able to refund stuff you bought even if its 50% because like me I have a lot of cosmetics but I don't use a lot of them.
    Refunding items would make buying credits/the incentive to buy Sub/VIP, a source of revenue supporting our servers, kind of disappear. It would put less weight on the purchases people make and devalue the actual credit to dollar value (As in how you purchase it from SG).

    Reference this thread for the previous discussion:
    *There's a better thread with charliere and a couple of other people who had a discussion about this, but I can't find it*

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    Unfortunately, we will never have a refund system due to the obvious reasons listed above and it's a way of us getting money for our community. You still have access to those cosmetics on all of the other servers since you bought it. It was a hard decision to remove this item, but in doing so, we were able to increase the server performance and it stopped the viewmodel glitches with these items.

    This is answered so, thread locked

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    As others have said before, store credits have monetary value, and being able to refund credits would cause there to be not much reason to purchase a subscription (Subscriber / VIP) or buy credits, which would cause one of the sources of revenue for the community to decrease significantly. One thing I have seen other communities do is allow people to refund their purchases in-game, but only give them back 75% or 50% of the item's initial value. While I do think this may work in some scenarios, it doesn't in others.

    As ZZL said, allowing refunds would completely devalue credits, and there would be no point buying credits, or purchasing a subscription to gain credits faster. Awhile it may seem like more of a convenience for some people, for the bigger picture of the community, I personally don't think it's a viable option.

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