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    "Normal Rules" for Gun Toss

    There has been some confusion in the past on whether or not there are implied rules for LRs, but specifically for gun toss, especially since gun toss was recently fixed and added to the list of possible last requests for prisoners. As of now, there are no basic rules for gun toss, and there are no implied rules. This means that if a prisoner sends a gun toss request to a guard, and the guard accepts before they give their rules, then basically it's a free for all. The prisoner / guard can rocket-toss, knife their gun, or run halfway across the map and throw it.

    I know that it is the prisoner's responsibility to state any rules or restrictions they have for the last request before it starts, but I'd like to suggest adding some basic rules that are implied if prisoners do not give any specific restrictions or rules. These could be overridden with a custom gun toss.

    1. The prisoner must specify who goes first (can be said before or after sending LR), and the guard must follow suit. (thanks @Poke)
    2. The gun must be thrown before the player touches the ground if the gun is thrown off of a place that is not on the ground. If the gun toss is being conducted on the ground, then the prisoner must specify the boundary which the guard must throw from behind (for example, run to first cell and throw your gun before you pass the beginning of first cell) (thanks @Poke again)
    3. The LR-ing prisoner and guard must toss their gun using the "drop weapon" button (g for most players), and cannot rocket-toss (E + G) or knife their gun.
    4. The LR-ing prisoner must clearly state in which direction the gun is to be thrown.
    5. The person who throws the gun the farthest in the stated direction is considered winner of the LR.

    I just want to see other people's opinion on these basic rules. Again these would not be THE rules for gun toss, just some basic rules / guidelines to follow when LR-ing to avoid any possible confusion and/or complaints for freekilling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benzene View Post
    uh I guess this thread got duplicated somehow, someone can delete this thread or lock it or whatever thanks
    I got rid of your duplicate, no worries.

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    These are the most basic of rules. I guess if you want to make it even more basic you should say "the furthest gun thrown in the stated direction wins" since there can be trick LRs where the person who throws it the shortest wins.

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    Overall I pretty much agree with this for a standard gun toss LR, but there are some situations where the rules don't make much sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by benzene
    1. The prisoner must toss their gun first as a model for the guard, and the guard must follow suit (this is less important, but I've seen a lot of people bickering and arguing about who has to go first in gun toss)
    As this can be reworded to: The prisoner must specify who goes first, and the CT must follow suit

    Quote Originally Posted by benzene
    2. The gun must be thrown before the player touches the ground
    There are situations where this doesn't make much sense, as not all gun tosses are done off a specific building/place, some are just "Don't go pass first cell"

    Overall I pretty much agree with the other rules, as a custom LR can override any of the rules at any time.

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