Hello everyone,

Today we're doing a joint announcement, as we've agreed upon a recipient for both the Staff and the Member of the Month awards for April. All of you members are doing great things, the debate for the winner this month had tons of names in the pool and it was tough deciding. We encourage you all to keep up the great work and truly appreciate the effort you guys put into the community. The staff portion was even tougher, you're all working so hard and we're at one of those points where all of our staff teams are flooded with plenty of qualified people, all busting their asses for this place. Again, we truly appreciate the work you guys put in, trust me when I tell you we recognize it.

Now into these awards, starting with Member of the Month. This person has been very active recently, especially in the past month. Not only is their server activity great, on the forums they're constantly helping out by chiming in on suggestions, reporting bugs, and overall being very beneficial with their posts. We're all very pleased, not only with the effort this person has been putting in, but with the consistency they've shown. There's not much else to say besides the fact that this person is a fantastic member.

Congratulations to @EpicFP for being Member of the Month for April!

Next up is our Staff of the Month! The fact that this person has gone above and beyond is undeniable and extremely evident. Their impact on our servers has been immensely helpful. Their activity, input on discussions and constant events has helped our Zombie Escape server out in drastic times. The passion and dedication they've shown for moving this place forward has caught everyone's eye as they've been relentless in their pursuit to assist in any way possible. This person has not only been a great staff member, but also a great community member.

Congratulations to @Bright for being Staff of the Month for April!

Once again, thank you to everyone for contributing to this community's continued prosperity, staff member or not. While we're publicly recognizing these two people, there are tons of you who help out here daily and we are insanely grateful for each and every action taken to better this place. Thank you all.

Please join me in congratulating these two!