Hello everyone,

A year ago, we collaborated with some other communities to sponsor a MiniGames mapping contest, hosted by Gamebanana. Today, we're doing the same thing. However, now we have more communities involved, more cash prizes, and this time the contest is for Jailbreak! The task is to create an original Jailbreak map that's fun to play, looks good and has plenty of quality activities.

The prizes are as follows:

1st Place - $400

2nd Place - $225

3rd Place - $110

4th Place - $85

5th Place - $60

All the details about how judging works, the rules, etc. is on the official contest page that can be found here or by clicking on the banner at the top of this post. The deadline for the contest is August 2nd. We're very excited to be collaborating with Gamebanana and these other communities to bring this contest to you and we hope to see some cool, new Jailbreak maps as a result!

Good luck!