Hello everyone,

The Board has been discussing a rework to our recognition ranks for a while now. Currently, the ranks being referred to would be Honorable Gamer and Legend. We felt as though we were missing something and that the gap between the two was too large. We've decided to implement another tier that will be a middle ground for this system. While this middle tier will have some general parameters, the Board will still be the deciding factor when it comes down to placing people in one of these ranks. This new rank will be called Veterans! One important thing to note with this change is that we'll be removing the Presidential Award entirely, as we no longer see a need for it. Laid out below is how each rank will be treated moving forward, generally.

The lowest recognition rank you can receive is Honorable Gamer. This rank will pretty much remain the same. It can be given to previous staff members or normal members who have contributed to the community in a significant way, more than the average player. Admins will still be able to nominate people for this rank which will be reviewed by the IA team and the Board. This rank does not grant any admin powers.

The next rank above that will be the newest addition, Veteran. The people eligible for this rank will mostly be server managers or very longtime admins, but it is still dependent on performance, attitude, etc. People in this rank will not be granted any admin powers, but will be granted perks similar to that of an Honorable Gamer.

The last and top rank will be Legend. This rank is for people who have contributed to the community in an extremely crucial way, akin to our now removed Presidential Award, and kept a positive attitude while doing so. Previous Presidents, Vice Presidents, Board members and technical staff are who you'll likely be seeing in this rank, but it may vary further. This rank will have the equivalent of Senior Admin powers on our servers and will have access to the Community Advisors section on our forums.

With this change, we've reevaluated all the people who were either Honorable Gamer or Legend and sorted them accordingly. We think we got it down pretty well, but there may still be people we need to look into. You may have lost your rank entirely in this process, you can reach out to a Board member for clarity on why. If you feel you've been misplaced, you can contact a Board member and we'll discuss it. Listed below is all the current holders of each rank.

Our current list of Legends:


Our current list of Veterans:


Our current list of Honorable Gamers:


As mentioned above, we've reevaluated each and every person who was eligible for one of these ranks. This has been an extremely long discussion, the Board has spent countless hours doing this. If you have any issues, please reach out to us so we can reconsider.

Thanks everyone!