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    I think Valorant is overhyped, same thing with Apex legends when it first came out where the big companies go and sponsor yt/streamers to overhyped the game.
    Pros-family friendly fps game, cartooish reminds me of the way Fortnite tries to portray themselves. -unique abilities like overwatch/league
    Cons-running speed in Valorant is the walking speed of csgo -every gun takes no skill you can run and gun and it's insanely accurate -all the maps are so cramped and small like inferno while csgo has maps like cobble and nuke also dust 2 -you have to pretty much walk the whole way if you are trying to flank b/c map is small and every noise you make while running can be heard from a mile away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmcdon7 View Post
    It downloads a .exe file I’m pretty sure, I’d rather be a shitty rank than never be in a game with a cheater ever again. Terrible risk for such a semi garbage game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by R a w m o n d z View Post
    every noise you make while running can be heard from a mile away.
    and bomb is silent and has shit animation timing. Valorant was a solid game but if they didn't fuck over movement so bad I would honestly play it more.

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