Hello everyone,

The Board had a discussion about our current situation in regards to running TeamSpeak and Discord simultaneously. Over a year ago, we attempted to make a full switch over to Discord. Unfortunately, there was a lot of backlash from the community because of this decision. Last time, we didn't approach the community about the change prior to attempting to move forward, but now we are.

Forcing everyone over to Discord for voice communication would also increase chat activity and general use of our Discord. We're quite behind other communities in terms of how established we are on Discord, especially in regards to how many people are in our Discord and how many people actually utilize it. Potential sponsors will most likely end up joining our Discord rather than our TeamSpeak, and we'd want them to see a thriving one as opposed to a stale one. Additionally, it seems quite evident that a majority of people on our servers would prefer to join Discord over TeamSpeak. Since this seems to be the case, you'll probably be looking at a lot more people using our voice chats and easier integration of players into the community. The main argument that comes up is that we already have so many people used to using TeamSpeak, but that will continue to happen if we leave it open.

We'd probably be looking to do a trial run for a short period of time to test the waters as opposed to an immediate full move, but the end goal is to move over to Discord completely. This thread is open for discussion on that matter. Realize this isn't a final decision as of yet, which is why we're coming to you guys about it. Let's all keep our heads on straight and not freak out, we're willing to hear what you all have to say.