What's good, I have an idea for a "goldeneye 2.0" I think it could be cool to see since it would bring a "new" map to MG and could spice things up a little bit. I'm putting this here as a suggestion because I do not have the time, motivation, or skill to actually do this myself. If someone wants to undertake a project like this, kudos to you, if not it's understandable.

Improvements to be made from the original goldeneye:
  • Overall, switch around the map structure of each minigame a bit so it's not a direct copy but the concept and roots remain the same.
  • Merge the spawn area into one, but keep the glass and have it so the first person to get through gets to choose. Maybe have one on each side of the glass, but just have it so everyone spawns in the same region without a wall of separation. This also makes it so that you only need one entrance per map minigame, and not two.
  • Maybe make it so all the glass drops down once the game is picked and not just certain sections?
  • In the grenade map, make it so it will just give players a grenade if they do not have one in their inventory.
  • In the nova map, make it so that spawns aren't so close together so that one side can bhop into another's spawn before everyone even gets in the map.
  • For the pistol map, make it so that the usp and Glock are available for both teams.
  • For the p90 map, make it so that multiple smgs can be chosen (ump, mp5, etc.)

Additions to make in the new goldeneye:
  • Add a knife minigame where you only get a knife and you just knife fight around a pretty small map to keep the round quick.
  • Add a scout minigame and have it maybe on the same or a similar map to whatever the awp map is made, just gives more variety of guns.

I'm gonna guess this will never happen, but I figure this may be a cool addition to the MG server. Cheers.