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    Quote Originally Posted by Trazz View Post
    With everyone being in quarantine and this impromptu summer vacation I may actually start doing this. But if I actually want people to try those maps out I’d need to remove the default valve ones as everyone will choose mirage, cache, or inferno over anything else for the most part. I do not see this being a weekend long though (maybe a day event per map?) as players who go on scrim that I’ve seen recently are not there to try new maps all the time but go for what’s familiar. So I do not want to limit people from playing a normal scrim game if they want to.
    I could see that work

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    TheWarOwl just came out with this video, I recommend checking it out for map sugestions

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    As 20 scrolls said I recommend checking out maps from that competition but watch 3kliksphilip because he shows off more of the maps or just check them out directly.

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