Hello everyone,

We haven't done one of these for a little while, but someone has caught our eye and we've decided to roll one out. The Staff of the Month award is given out each month to a staff member that has gone above and beyond and deserves recognition for the effort they've put in. As the month is coming to a close, it's about time to give it out. The recipient of this award will receive this badge on the forums.

This person actually holds not one, but two ranks that normally vote on this award. However, the BD team has unanimously agreed to handle this one on our own and give it to this person. In every position they've held at the community so far, they've done a tremendous amount of work and have portrayed an unmatched passion for doing well in their rank. They've taken each promotion and ran with it, exceeding our expectations and earning our respect. We're very happy with how far this person has come, so without further ado:

Please join me in congratulating @John as the recipient of this esteemed award!