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    Quote Originally Posted by Error. View Post
    Update 2:

    I feel terrible, I don’t think I’ll be fine for a while. When I finished my chemo, I felt fine... now, I don’t. I can’t explain what I’m going through physically and mentally... but now I know this ride is going to be bumpier than I originally thought. I might not post here for a while, it might be tomorrow, a week, a year idk... I might be sounding overdramatic, idk... I might still post on shout box every once in a while, that’s all I can say for certain...

    damn man, I hope you get better. Chemo is no easy feat, we all hope the best for you Mr. Error <3 (good luck and keep us posted how your doing)

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    Love ya Error stay tough bud <3

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    Doing really great! Maybe the severe stomach pains was because I was throwing up stomach bile (normal, it’s normal to throw up). Since I’ve been having stomach problems since the beginning back in October, it must have damaged my stomach and made it feel awful. Checked in on the 10th, and was given IV Morphine. IV Morphine is really powerful, and my stomach pains started to feel so much better (it still hurt a bit, but was so so so much better than dealing with an aching stomach). A week pasts and I get to go home, I couldn’t get out sooner since my white blood cell count was stupid low. This might happen every time I get Chemo, but at least I know what to expect. Thank you guys for your awesome support!

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    stay safe mate don't get the CaRoNaViRus while your white count is low b stay safe.

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    Wish you the best of luck!

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