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    Quote Originally Posted by L_ky View Post
    Gold knife and its rule surrounding it has brought so many accidental rdms and misunderstandings.

    I killed many people for thinking that they had gold knife and I got killed countless times by the gold knife thinking that it might not be a gold knife.

    It also allows many people in our server to intentionally change their knife skin to something that closely resembles the gold knife to trick players.
    the Lore skin for knives were removed for that exact reason. the only other skin that somewhat resembles a gold knife is the Tiger Tooth but its still distinct enough from a gold knife to cause any real issues. The point of the gold knife is to not be spotted right away, idk why we’re trying to make it obvious when someone has one. its part of the Traitors job to cause confusion among detectives and innocents and the gold knife helps do that.

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    This ruins the secret aspect of being a traitor. If someone can see that you have a giant axe that’s blatantly obvious and your not gonna stay hidden. If I’m wrong correct me but the knife is one hit one use? The closest anyone’s gonna get to the gold knife is by using the default knife or by using the Ursus Tiger Tooth knife. Correct me if the !knives feature has been taken out or hasn’t even been in TTT.

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