Hello everyone,

We have some exciting news / promotions to announce today.

First off, as the title suggests, we're bringing back the Marketing Team! This team is responsible for general marketing of the community; reaching out for partnerships, improving our marketability on the services we provide, and anything else that betters our ability to attain and retain new members of the community. We've had the members together for awhile now putting in some work into various areas of the community, but it's finally time to reintroduce them as an official team. Onto the promotions:

The roster for the newly introduced team will be John, Zayne, Phoenix_ and BoM! Their new responsibilities will include:

  • Manage all third party sites/applications.
  • Manage all advertising, sponsorships, and affiliations.
  • Recommend upgrades and general marketing aspects for the community.
  • Research what the community likes / doesn't like.
  • Upkeep the image of SG and help expand.
  • Work with the Media Team to manage branding and community design.
  • Work with Media team to manage social media accounts (Youtube, Twitch, etc).

As for the manager of the team, idealist will be filling that position! His responsibilities will remain the same, with the addition of managing the other members of the Marketing Team.

Moving on to our other promotions.

First, we have a new member of the Media Team! Our newest addition will be crazedkangaroo! His new responsibilities will include:

  • Manage forum and community website themes and layouts
  • Manage all forum and community images (awards, rankbars, etc)
  • Manage forum design sections (signature/avatar requests, etc)
  • Manage branding and community logos/external advertising
  • Work with the Administrative Team to keep in-game branding and design (map textures for SG) up to date and relevant
  • Manage social media accounts (Youtube, Twitch, etc)

Moving on up the ranks, we have a new member of the Internal Affairs team! This person has shown an extreme dedication to the community and constantly displays how passionate he is about moving this place forward. The qualities he has displayed have made us very confident that he will perform well in this new role. fantastic will be our newest addition to the team! His new responsibilities will include:

  • Handling and resolving admin complaints, player complaints and ban appeals
  • Handling admin disputes as they arise
  • Managing member of the month/staff of the month nominations and awards

Lastly, we're promoting another member of the Board of Directors. This person has held various high level ranks here and has proven his worth in each and every one of them. He has displayed his trustworthiness and dedication to the community time and time again, taking whatever work we throw his way. His work ethic is admirable and he clearly has the community's best interest in mind at all times. I think I've talked highly of him enough, so please welcome roux as the newest member of the Board! His new responsibilities will include:

  • Support/build/fix servers
  • Approve admin applications
  • Set up new Admin and Subscriber access
  • Issue admin warnings/punishments
  • Keep the community updated of any changes
  • Final say in all admin disputes
  • Plan for growth (website/servers)
  • Support forum/plugins/logos
  • Review and implement community suggestions
  • Promote/demote server admins
  • Handle admin complaints
  • Handle disputes among fellow admins
  • Be a role model to all admins/setting by example
  • Collect donations, manage subscriptions, and pay the bills
  • Manage the website, forums, and bansite
  • Manage AT staffing and responsibilities
  • ... anything else that needs to be done

Congratulations to everyone!