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    Post Printing More Information to Console

    Is it possible to print the [TTT] information and [All] chat to the console to increase visibility?

    These chatlines do not get printed to console and can get quickly hidden by a chat conversation, adverts, chat spam, or multiple bodies getting ID'd throughout the round. I've included some pictures at the bottom to show these not getting printed. It would also be nice to have the disconnects be printed to console as it will assist with player reports when an RDM and leave occurs.

    The chatbox is capable of holding around 50-75 chatlines whereas the console is capable of holding around 650.
    Currently, the chatbox is only able to display one round of information with around 15 people on and that quickly drops to half, or less, of a round when around 25 people.
    The console is able to display 4-6 rounds of information with around 15 people and 2-4 with around 25 people.
    I think that if we print the relevant information to the console these numbers will drop by about 50%, still being able to display atleast 1 round of data when the server is near max people. These numbers quickly change for the console when on a map that throws multiple, or constant, errors, which quickly removes any necessary information.

    The main reason I want some of this information in the console is simply because I use the console to review a lot. There are also the situations where it will be towards the end of the round and I see that there are a few people alive and only 1 or two traitors have been ID'd. I then scroll up in chat to see how many traitors there are but that information is no longer there. This is very useful information for the end of the round and this limitation has stopped me from utilizing it.

    While a lot of this is personal preference, I can not see, from my point of view, implementing this having a negative impact. It will allow us to access the same information in multiple places. One issue I see is that it is simply not possible, which completely ends my point. Another issue would be that when printing this information to console, the color modifiers are included as strings, causing the information to be difficult to read.

    One alternative to this would be increasing the number of lines stored in the chatbox on the server. But I don't know if this is possible either. I simply noticed chat was able to store more text lines on a single-player workshop map than on the server.

    All in all, I'm proposing that the information that shows up in the chat box should also be printed to the console.
    Thanks for coming to my TED talk, sorry for the wall of text in advance.

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    ... sounds fun, to add this into the ttt core + sub-plugins. ;)

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    The team agrees this is a good idea, this is something we will look more into.

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