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    Alright so version B1 is ready for play!
    I've updated the page on Gamebanana with all the new changes.
    This is the link:

    Here are some screenshots of the changes:

    @Synk I did add a crate so you could jump out of that area. I did take a look at opening up those 2 roof areas but decided not to. As it would be a pretty easy spot to abuse during rounds to avoid being seen at all except from the other rooftop area.
    @whysopro Thank you my man! The map is available for download at Gamebanana, if you'd like to test it yourself. The first version is also on the server already but I will try have them update it to this new one as soon as possible.

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    Just tried it out, this looks like a super fun map so far! There's a few things I noticed, for most I'm not sure if they were intentional and aren't really big issues, but here goes:

    - You can shoot through pretty much any wall/box/object in the map (not sure if this is intentional or not). This could make for a few unnecessary deaths?

    - There's no glass in the bedroom window/door opposite spawn

    - Using the most left teleporter in one of the T Rooms will teleport you to a spot where you end up facing the wall. Pretty minor thing, I can imagine not everyone might be bothered by this lol.

    As for an idea; how about making this stone that 'sticks out' from the floor openable in some way (perhaps only for T's? or by pushing a secret button?), to sneak down into the garage?

    Loving this map so far, will definitely be looking to try this out on the server and see what it's like with a group of people!

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    Glad to see you enjoyed it!

    -As for the first point about shooting through walls etc. This is due to the CSGO engine in general, same thing happens on Closequarters because of how thin the walls are.
    -Oh yeah those larger windows should have glass... xD
    -Yes I've noticed the teleports don't change your angle while teleporting, resulting in some odd behavior. Will look into a fix for this.
    -For the last point I think that could be a decent idea. I will have to see how it would align with the floor below. Maybe this could be remade into a form of T-trap as well.

    Yeah this new version should play much more balanced and smoother than the very first version. Hope we all can play some games on it soon.

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