Surf Deathmatch RPG is finally here!

After a long-awaited release, @idealist and I are happy to announce the launch of the Surf Deathmatch RPG server! This isn't just your ordinary Surf Deathmatch server because this one has a RPG plugin. With the RPG plugin you can level up and unlock upgrades to get an advantage over other players. There are 20+ upgrades that you can choose from including perks like Fire Pistol which ignites anyone you hit as long as you are using a pistol and Ice Stab which freezes a player in place when you stab them. We have worked long and hard on this server and we hope you guys enjoy it. We are always open to suggestions and we would love to hear feedback. If there are any issues, please let us know. Information about wipe schedules and the map list could be found in the links below. Enjoy!


Important Links