General Information

Surf Deathmatch is exactly what it sounds like. It's surfing... with guns. Our server has a RPG plugin that allows you to level up and obtain upgrades that you can use to get an advantage over other players.

Server Managers


RPG Player Commands

rpg - Opens the rpg main menu
rpgexp - Show the latest experience you earned
rpggift - Give your credits to another player
rpghelp - Show the SM:RPG help menu
rpginfo - Shows the purchased upgrades of the target person. rpginfo <name|steamid|#userid>
rpgmenu - Opens the rpg main menu
rpgnext - Show the next few ranked players before you
rpgrank - Shows your rank or the rank of the target person. rpgrank [name|steamid|#userid]
rpgsession - Show your session stats
rpgtop10 - Show the SM:RPG top 10

Player Models

VIP - Octodad in a Tuxedo
VIP - Summer Freak
Subscriber - Regular Octodad
Subscriber - Lara Croft in a bikini