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    SG Mapping Resources Megathread


    Hello all, this thread is full of basic resources that will be helpful for people NEW to Mapping and Modding to get them started on learning the basics of mapping.

    Don't be scared to ask anyone on the Modding Team or Forums where CS modding is popular. More often than not people are open and willing to help people with whatever they need.

    To help you get started on your journey, I will provide you 5 videos that will cover the most relevant and useful information exclusively on Mapping.


    Firstly, you're going to want to watch this video, and yes, I know it's long, but we need to get the basics covered if we're going to go anywhere with this, and I promise it's worth your time.

    After that, I recommend watching these videos (the next four in the series) to try and get a grasp on the basics of hammer, but for ease of access, I will link them in order below.





    Beyond this, I highly recommend you to check out more videos from TopHATTWaffle's series as they are just as helpful as the rest. His videos are extremely helpful in general for anybody interested in Mapping and Modding. I also recommend watching some of 3kliksphilip's videos as they also cover some other important topics.

    I have a full list of resources that will be good for mapping and modding below, please feel free to check them out at your own pace. Thanks for your interest in getting into modding and mapping, it's always nice to see people want to expand their repertoire of skills. Best of luck!


    I did my best to gather some server-specific map tips and tutorials and I hope what we have here can be useful to you.







    3kliksphilip's SDK Basics
    This is a 69 video playlist by 3kliksphilip going over some basics of Source SDK and some specifics to Hammer.

    TopHATTwaffle's Legacy Series on Hammer
    This is TopHATTwaffle's "Legacy Series" playlist of Hammer tutorials.

    TopHATTwaffle's Modern Hammer Tutorials
    This is TopHATTwaffle's more recent playlist series of Hammer tutorial videos.

    TopHATTwaffle's Level Designing
    This is TopHATTwaffle's level design bootcamp for Source SDK, and will be especially helpful for new and aspiring mappers.

    Quick Tips & Videos
    These are some quick tips filled with instructions and instructional videos for Source SDK

    Valve Developer Community
    This is a wiki for everything you may need for Source SDK- simple or advanced.

    Weasel Level Design's Source SDK Basic Tutorials
    This is another set of very instructional and useful introductory videos to Source SDK.

    Stripper:Source Map Config Validator
    This is a tool that will tell you if your config is syntactically correct.

    This is a tool to pack materials and models into your map file.

    This is a tool used to decompile a .bsp into a .vmf to be used in Hammer.

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    whajt hasp pened

    Porting maps is a great thing to learn since it's extremely easy and very useful to grab popular maps from CS:S. As a warning, some maps CAN NOT be ported due to some issues between the games.

    A prerequisite for porting maps is to have BSPSource, VIDE, CS:S & Gmod Textures Downloaded in your CS:GO's map folder; First two are in Phoenix_'s post and the textures can be found online. If you are having trouble, contact someone on the Modding Team.

    Here's a quick 2-minute tutorial on how to do it.
    **When porting, weapons become obsolete and ladders become nodraw/func_ladders. You must change these before packing & posting!**

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    How to decompile a map!

    Before we get started you will need BSPSource, you'll also need Java to run BSPSource.

    First you need to extract all files from into a new folder.

    Open up "bspsrc.bat".

    Next click "Add" and find your bsp.

    Click "Other" and check "Extract embedded files".

    Finally click decompile and select where you want the files to be saved, when its done decompiling you should have a folder with the map name and a .vmf file with the map name.

    If you tried to open the .vmf up in hammer right now all you would see is error boxes and white textures, to fix this we need to make sure we have the proper materials and models that go along with the map.

    Open up the folder with the map name, you should see "Materials" and "Models".

    Copy and Paste all the files in these to Materials and Models folder in your CSGO directory.

    If it says that there are already files with the same name then click "Skip these files".

    Lastly we'll need to fix all the ladders around the map. When decompiling a map BSPSource turns all ladders into nodraw textures and func_ladder entities.

    Go to the Toggle texture application tool, select the frontside of the ladder only. Hit "Browse" and search in the filter box "tools/toolsinvisibleladder", double click the texture that shows up. Hit "Apply" when your done.

    Finally select the ladder in your grid view, you can do this easily by selecting it in the camera view first and then finding the highlighted box in the grid view

    Right click the ladder in the grid view and select "Move to world" or press Ctrl + Shift + W

    You can search entities by classname by going to "Map" then "Entity Report"

    The end result should look like this.

    You're done! Now you can edit the map as you wish. Happy Modding!

    How to pack a map when you're done compiling

    Whenever you compile a map and want to play it with friends you need to pack it with the materials and models that you've used in the map, to do this we need a tool called VIDE.

    Extract all the files in into a new folder.

    Open up VIDE.exe.

    Click "Pakfile Lump Editor".

    Click "Open", find your bsp.

    Click "Scan", go to browse and select the csgo folder in your Counter-Strike Global Offensive directory.

    Click "Scan" again.

    Click "Auto".

    Click "Apply".

    Lastly click "Save".

    There you go! Now everyone can see the beautiful masterpiece you created.

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