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    Quote Originally Posted by fantastic View Post
    What else did you have in mind besides a custom map edit, plugin, models, and credit multiplier? Will take your suggestions into consideration for the next holiday season (: thansk for your feedback.
    I don’t feel as if there are other factors that should be incorporated, but rather more of what we had, as in more themed maps and models especially. As for Christmas, (which I’m assuming is going to be the next holiday themed event, I’d say bring in more maps so that the cycle is very Christmas themed and have more Christmas themed models than regular models. Also if possible, have it so that the rtd seem more Christmas themed, like having snow fall down your screen, and other stuff like that.

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    All in all, the event was kind of "there" for me.

    I enjoyed the credit multiplier (as all players do).

    I found the new skins cool, but I've seen them on other servers so they weren't too exciting for me.

    The RTD plugin was fun too however, like you said, no one enjoyed the fire roll. There was also an issue of RTD enabling auto roll once you disconnect and reconnect (however it didn't always happen), and new players having auto roll on when they get on (Something they don't know how to turn off [at first]).

    The new rendition of razor was fun for a bit, but a bit too dark for us to play in (like most have said).

    Overall a pretty good event.

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    Models: weren't too bad but didn't stand out

    JB electric map: The subtle change in the map makes it so much better than the original in my opinion, since the light isn't as bright and in your face as the other electric maps and the one way change to a regular opened window, I liked a lot because it made it so I didn't have to blow my eyes out just trying to find if a CT is in the one way.

    RTD: Idk

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    I liked the maps, the skins but the RTD menu should have more good rolls. I feel like their are to many rolls or remove some bad rolls.

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    I'm late here on the feedback, but I was personally a fan of the models and the map (once the fog was fixed). A credit multiplier is always nice to get people on so they can be rewarded simply by playing.

    I was not a fan of RTD in it's entirety, I don't think it has a place on jailbreak, unless if it's a one-off event that's an hour long. I feel it takes away from the game mode and just doesn't feel like jailbreak in the same way that I felt that exosuits made Call of Duty not Call of Duty for me. I don't think it's very needed or wanted on any server imo.

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