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    New rule for ttt

    If someone is running infront of someone who is shooting at a wall basicly the person is tbaiting but since i always kill that person for tbaiting i get bitched at. For example john doe was shooting the wall little jimmy was running infront of him then said "OW i got shot." This should be kosable for it can cause falso koses. That is my opion and please think this over rule makers and admins.

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    If someone purposely runs into the line of fire that's on them. I don't think this is much of an issue, as I don't see people shooting at walls unless they're 'drawing' or testing the recoil of a weapon.

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    This was an issue brought up today and discussed by @Zayne. There's no problem like @nV said. The simple solution is, don't walk into someones bullets. On top of that, stop taking T-Bait and RDM to such an extreme. If it happens it happens, that's TTT.

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    Shooting at a wall is not t baiting, nor is running in front of someone that's shooting a wall. If they got hit after running into the gunfire, that's their own fault, but you, in no way, can kill them for running into that gunfire. Not sure how this could be considered t baiting, and if someone calls a false kos for this, it'll be dealt with like any other false kos.

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