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    Taking a break to run through the points brought up in this thread again, I agree with @Turtlefiish and @IntenseFajita that solely based on an admin's ability to enforce this potential rule change it can get complicated quickly and annoy admins by adding onto the "I got RDM'D!" screams and spam that already occur on TTT. While I still disagree with other points brought up, this alone made me change my mind on the topic... as an admin myself admining is already difficult with the number of players on the server. I wouldn't want myself or anyone else to have that experience complicated further. Thanks to everyone who participated in this discussion .

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    Quote Originally Posted by fantastic
    Admins deal with what they want to deal with.
    I would be very careful about saying something like this. I think admins generally have the idea that part of being an admin is enforcing rules when they are able to (without going out of their way), and going out of their way if they wish to. If you're going to imply that admins don't have (used lightly) to enforce rules they don't agree with or find inconvenient, rest assured, you will have admins that won't be enforcing rules they don't agree with. I fight tooth and nail for topics I'm interested in, but when I join the servers, I enforce the rules to the letter to the best of my ability. You should tread lightly when using "admins don't have to enforce this" in a discussion so non-chalantly.

    Quote Originally Posted by fantastic View Post
    I appreciate the detailed argument you made here, and I understand what you're saying. But the role of testing a players' intuitions of whether a player is a T should lie with the detective... that's why they have items like the taser and DNA. An innocent should only be able to kill if they're absolutely certain someone is a T, whether that's staying in close proximity to other players and watching to see who's killing who or watching to see if other players are running by bodies that haven't been id'd. If an innocent needs to be testing their own intuitions and can't rely on the detective, that indicates the detective needs to be buffed, not that innocents should be pseudo-detectives.
    I've always felt that TTT is not and has not ever been a team game. It's, at heart, a solo game, that allows you to cooperate with other players when convenient. Players should not be forced to cooperate or rely on someone else. If you've played even a single round as Traitor, you know that others should not and cannot be counted on. Detectives are a luxury. Are you really wanting to nerf the fuck out of any player that doesn't have immediate access to one?

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    Hello @fantastic, we very much appreciate you bringing up this topic for discussion, clearly some very needed debate has been had. Hold on tight, while I discuss this with my fellow TTT manager @roux, We'll have a response shortly.

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    After thoroughly discussing this with my fellow TTT manager @Zayne we've decided not to change anything.

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