Hello everyone.

Once again, we have some exciting promotions on this fine day here at Steam-Gamers, but first we'd like to send someone off.

Spiritwind is stepping down from the Technical Team. He has been at SG for an extremely long time doing all types of different work for us. His actions have not gone unnoticed and we are forever grateful for everything he's done. Obviously, his actions here are worthy of our Legends rank and it is a small token of our appreciation. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and hope to see him back at SG again.

First, to the Modding Team we are promoting doc! His new responsibilities will include:

  • Work with the Administrative Team to find and fix errors and exploits found in maps, models, textures, etc.
  • Creating and developing projects for the servers including maps, models, textures, etc.
  • Arming requested maps for use on the servers.
  • Porting popular maps and models from other games to CS:GO for use on the servers.
  • Work with the Media Team to develop graphics for completed projects.
  • Work with the Administrative Team and Events Team for the production of event based projects.

Next up, to Community Advisor we promoting H4XOR! He's been around for a while, has contributed a ton as an admin and we look forward to seeing what he brings to the table as a CA. His new responsibilities will include:

  • Work with the higher staff on implementing important decisions and projects
  • Handling player complaints and issuing bans
  • Moderation of the forum
  • Give awards to members on request
  • Send group invitations to members on request
  • Post in-game server problems on the forum
  • Help in any way to make the servers fun
  • Handle reported posts on the forum

Next up on this list, we have some new Technical Administrators! We'll be bringing up IntenseFajita, BoTo, and R3TROATTACK! Fajita and BoTo have done tons of work as JTAs and are very valuable assets to the team, which has warranted their step up. Retro has already been at SG as a TA and has been helping us out a ton lately with plugin work. Their new (and old) responsibilities will include:

  • Fix technical issues that arise day to day (servers/site)
  • Research/manage mods, scripts, and plugins to improve our servers
  • Develop solutions to improve our servers/mods performance
  • Discover and fix exploits against our servers/site
  • Assist in data backup operations for the community's data
  • Assist AT's when problems arise or others are on vacation

Last on this list, we have a promotion to the Internal Affairs team. Prez will be our new (old, actually) addition to the team. He's been our VP before, so there was really no debate about him returning. His new responsibilities will include:

  • Handling and resolving admin complaints, player complaints and ban appeals
  • Handling admin disputes as they arise
  • Participating in promotion discussions
  • Participating in hosting CA+ admin training and assisting with creating training materials.
  • Managing member of the month/staff of the month nominations and awards