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    I haven't really read through other's responses yet, but I'll add my thoughts to this personally. I don't think it'd be a good idea to bring back the 100 post rule, as not only are there good admins who have under 100 posts but also I think this change wielded positive results. There have been more admins to administrate in the servers and more times than not, they do their job more than adequately. On top of this, many admins who are accepted already have close to, if not 100 posts. There are players on our less popular servers who may want to be an admin on there, but not necessarily be active on the forums and that should be okay. A number of posts should not define the quality of a player and their ability to potentially administrate.

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    Bad Idea just discourages newer players from trying to apply and then you got people spamming forums for 100 posts

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