Hello everyone,

Today we are making admin complaints public in the interest of transparency. The higher ups have discussed this and decided there's no real reason to keep them private anymore. However, the complaints you now have access to only date back about 6 months. This is because there may be information in older complaints that shouldn't be public. From now on, all new complaints that get made will be public. This does not mean you guys will be able to post in them though, that will still be restricted to anyone who is Admin or above and the person who posted the complaint.

This leads us into another change regarding admin complaints. For quite a while now, we've had a policy in place regarding banned players making admin complaints, this policy stated:

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY BANNED, you MUST post a ban appeal before you post an admin complaint.
It has too far often we see admin complaints be submitted by people who are banned wanting revenge or feel the admin banned you inappropriately. 99% of the time this complaint has been found to be unfounded due to NO EVIDENCE or the admin did their job. In about 75% of these complaints, if you were to make an appeal instead of a complaint, your ban would likely be reduced and you can go about playing on our servers again. To reduce the number of these complaints that really should have never been made, we are now *REQUIRING* anyone who is banned to make an appeal first. There you will be able to submit your evidence that you shouldn't have been banned while at the same time reducing the time spent by us having to investigate these complaints. Now, please note that we have seen appeals which we found the admin had made mistakes and they did receive punishment or admin removal, so please do not take this new policy as we are not looking for admins breaking rules. We just want to remove some unnecessary work that has been going on.
This has been removed entirely. It doesn't make much sense at all because we recognize that someone may think their ban is justified, but may think the admin handled it incorrectly. We will not instantly reject a complaint because someone is banned. In any case, we will listen to what you have to say about our admins and will act on it as we see fit.

Lastly, we've removed the [Noproof] and [Expired] tags from their respective sections. The [Noproof] tag was just useless, but the [Expired] tag wasn't right for us to use. If someone appeals their ban and their ban expires, we will continue to review the ban to determine if it was unjust, as opposed to just slapping this tag on it and closing it. A ban could be 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, etc. but if the higher ups take too long to review it to the point that it expires, we will no longer push it to the side.

We believe these three changes are steps in the right direction.