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    The old karma system plays a huge role in people coming back to the server every day to grind karma; it needs to be brought back in some way like a point/leaderboard system.

    As stated previously, the timeframe for this to be effective is just too long and should be increased to several hours or a whole day. I'd like to think that the old system would've worked better of we had these buffed karma deductions, highlighting sub 500 karma players to admins as soon as they join.

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    I wasn't around to play on the old karma system but will do my best to form an opinion from what I've heard.

    I think a separate system that keeps track of karma across maps is the best way to go. It would track the exact same way old karma worked but wouldn't have any impact on gameplay like damage modifiers. This would be a way to bring back a small competitive feel to the server and encourage people to get on regularly. This "Rank Karma" would be collected using the same values as the regular karma but would be collected on the side and not reset every map. It would also rank you compared to the rest of the server and this rank could appear on the leaderboard in the Assist section to publicly display your rank on the server.

    This system could also keep track of non-"BAD ACTION" kills you get and rank you to the rest of the server which would show up in the Kills section on the leaderboards, which currently only displays "69". An alternative to this would be non-"BAD ACTION" kills accomplished as the Traitor and the Deaths section would be the rank for non-"BAD ACTION" kills as an inno/detective.

    I agree that karma isn't really a commonly used way of singling out RDMers. There are a multitude of reasons why an inno would kill an inno causing their karma to drop but no rules were actually broken. That being said, these actions shouldn't be encouraged in any way by providing a karma cushion to those who play regularly. I also don't like the idea of admins spending time to determine if every bad action was justified and having to go in to remove negative consequences that this may automatically incur.

    People always want something to work towards so they feel rewarded for putting tons of hours into something but I dont think altering the rogue-like nature of TTT should help facilitate this. A system that keeps track of this that is seperate from the round to round nature of TTT would help solve this issue.

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    Exactly my thoughts. Making a leaderboard that ranks players by points/karma earned would be a nice feature. It was the only positive of the previous system.

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