Hello everyone,

First, before we start with the promotions, we'd like to recognize
Mad Doggfor his work here at SG. Unfortunately, he is no longer a member of the Board because real life is taking over and we have to respect that. He has dedicated countless hours to this place and we are extremely grateful for everything he's done for us. As a token of our appreciation, he is also receiving the Presidential Award. We hope to see him back in the community soon and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Additionally, we'd like to give a thank you to
vinyl for his work here as a member of the Internal Affairs team. He's been back in our staff ranks for a while now and has been doing a bunch of work as a higher up. We truly appreciate all of it and wish him the best.

Now let's get into all these promotions! First up, to Community Advisor, please join me in welcoming Dong, Tyymunk, nV, and delirium! All four of these people have been doing great work in their current ranks and have shown that they are dedicated to moving the community forward. Their new responsibilities will include:

  • Work with the higher staff on implementing important decisions and projects
  • Handling player complaints and issuing bans
  • Moderation of the forum
  • Give awards to members on request
  • Send group invitations to members on request
  • Post in-game server problems on the forum
  • Help in any way to make the servers fun
  • Handle reported posts on the forum

Next up, to the Administrative Team, we have Greggy, Fuze, nick, fantastic and Montag! All five of these people have put a ton of effort into bettering our servers and we are pleased to have them on board. Their new responsibilities will include:

  • Verify that servers are operational
  • Reboot dead/lagged servers
  • Assist in training new admins
  • Monitor the Teamspeak 3 server
  • Grant access rights to Teamspeak 3
  • Search for new maps for all servers
  • Upload maps to the servers and fast downloads site
  • Edit map lists & rotations
  • Issue permanent bans to players via request from SA's

We're also going to be filling the Events Manager position, but with two people. Given the size of the team and the fact these people are completely ready to run it, we've decided to promote both of them. Nedand Strayyz will both be filling this position and will be running the team side by side! Their responsibilities will stay the same, with the addition of managing the rest of the team.

We also have some new members of the Internal Affairs team! Fuze and nick will be our newest additions. Both of them have expressed their interest in participating in higher up discussion to benefit the community and have shown that they are ready to do so. Their new responsibilities will include:

  • Handling and resolving admin complaints, player complaints and ban appeals
  • Handling admin disputes as they arise
  • Participating in promotion discussions
  • Participating in hosting CA+ admin training and assisting with creating training materials.
  • Managing member of the month/staff of the month nominations and awards

Lastly, joining the Board of Directors, we have eXtr3m3! eXtr3m3 has been around SG for a while and has gone through our ranks many times. He has already done great work as the Administrative Manager and as a member of the Internal Affairs team and we have no doubt that he'll do just as great as a BD. His new responsibilities will include:

  • Support/build/fix servers
  • Approve admin applications
  • Set up new Admin and Subscriber access
  • Issue admin warnings/punishments
  • Keep the community updated of any changes
  • Final say in all admin disputes
  • Plan for growth (website/servers)
  • Support forum/plugins/logos
  • Review and implement community suggestions
  • Promote/demote server admins
  • Handle admin complaints
  • Handle disputes among fellow admins
  • Be a role model to all admins/setting by example
  • Collect donations, manage subscriptions, and pay the bills
  • Manage the website, forums, and bansite
  • Manage AT staffing and responsibilities
  • ... anything else that needs to be done

Congratulations everyone!