hi im exk i used to sweat a lot and kill people and make them angry a lot but i can't anymore heres a goodbye thread bye.

A lot of you guys probably don't even know who I am anymore, but to all the dudes I really cared bout, this is more or less for you.

I've been here for about three years now? 2016? and man has it been a ride. I went from the dude who no lifed TTT to actually managing a server here. I met countless people here, and met up with a bunch of you cuties in real life. I really do feel super lucky to have gotten involved here. I've made a ton of good memories, had a lot of laughs, and spent countless hours mindlessly relaxing and escaping from everything that life forces on you.

Unfortunately, I just don't have the time anymore to be around and do what the servers deserve. I can't spend the hours on the server, or even put the time in anymore to do the things the servers need to make it better. This is more or less the reason I need to step down. I really wanted to put more time into scrim and push it towards the next level. I had a lot of plans to make it more involved with the community to nurture a "competitive scene" while having everyone enjoy and be welcomed to it. I've left all my thoughts and ideas for the next person who takes over the reigns so I have high hopes that some of it will still come true!

I've rambled enough in that thread so I'll leave it shorter here. I really love this community and everything that's come with it. A lot of my old friends aren't active anymore, but every once and a while I meet some of you new peeps and it's pretty fun. This place has given me a lot and I'm glad I was able to give something back to it. I loved managing scrim, and it's a bit bittersweet that I won't be able to keep working on it moving forward but I just got to let it go.

I'm sure I'll forget a lot of others but,

peace to:

@WavY @Alex @papa @Dominic @eXtr3m3

@Reid99 @Senpai @roux @eden

@Noob^ @Malibu @Fuze @the rest of those gorillas

@BndC @Paradox @DancingMoonLight @H4XOR @Maan @Joolis

@tides @Pred @Rhyzhe @Korean Ninja @Black Rain @Greggy G [ny gang gang]

@Mad Dogg @Gator @Wawa

@All the other old ATs, CAs, Admins etc that I forgot even though I used to fucking talk to them all the time.