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    Retakes KD Suggestion

    A minor suggestion. At the moment if you die in an explosion you don't get an extra death. Certain players have been abusing this to bait their entire team and not go for objective if there's even the slightest indication they may lose to protect their KD. It may help solve the problem to make deaths to bomb count in their KD.

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    I think this may just flip the problem the other way. CTs would flee site if they're outnumbered and Ts wouldn't go for the retake or defuse if they don't think they could make it.

    I don't really think including KD is necessary on the server at all. It's already tied into the points system and doesn't directly indicate someone's proficiency in the gamemode. If it's the source of so many issues, we could just remove it altogether.

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    Afaik this is not a problem anymore or at least to the extent it use to be at. For that reasoning I don’t see a real need to add deaths from bomb to the K/D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gentoo View Post
    CTs would flee site if they're outnumbered and Ts wouldn't go for the retake or defuse if they don't think they could make it.
    I think you just flipped the roles lol.
    Anyways, I don't think it's necessary to include it into kdr just because a lot of what you said feels like it can be enforceable and by not adding deaths from the bomb allows the CT's to be less afraid of just going in for the retake and forces the T's to actually defend the site. Adding deaths makes this problem worse.

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    People don't save as much and it's not that much of a problem. You already lose 4 points for losing the round and that reduces saving a ton. The bomb also blows up about 50% of the time so a lot of deaths would be handed out. A possible situation as well would be that if there's 5 Ts and 1 CT, as the one CT, I would just run away and not die from bomb but all of the Ts will and their K/Ds will be screwed. A lot could go wrong with this.

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    I don't really think that adding a bomb death would do anything except make the CTs more likely to run further away faster. I feel like there aren't really too many baiters on retakes anyways, and this really isn't that big of a problem. But I do agree that the KDR is not really necessary, and not too many people would be heavily opposed to it being taken away.

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    I think a change like this would be counter productive. I've seen alot less saving in Retakes as of late and I don't think this proposed change is necessary. People lose enough points already for losing, which gives an incentive to push and try to retake the site. I just don't think a change like this would help Retakes in the long run.

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    Rejecting this as its not a big deal anymore. Admins have discretion to punish players for not attempting to complete the objective

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