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    The Wrap Up

    Hey Y'all,

    I would have done this yesterday but honestly I was too busy showering after changing 50 shirts /s.

    Honestly, I'm amazed that I was able to actually host a scrim event that was successful. We've had "scrim based" events in the past, but they all ended up wishy-washy with half assed participation. I was certain it would be one of the key issues I faced when I decided to host this event, but man, I was proven wrong. Despite having teams pull out and such, the commitment behind all the teams involved was amazing and I am incredibly grateful to all the participants. We had teams that communicated through the appropriate channels and scheduled matches for a regular season, and we had some great community involvement in the playoffs.

    First off, I want to thank everyone who tuned into the matches. Getting you guys involved is the whole point of having community events, and the turnout was amazing. I think we had at one point something like 40 viewers for the final? It's great to know that y'all are here to support and be a part of things that happen in this community. Again, I have to thank y'all for that.

    Some thing I have to get off my chest first: The prizes.

    I had plans for giving out various prizes to various participants (and I think at one point I even made that a "promise...") but I can't keep true to it. The issue mostly is that I had various projects in mind for this tournament, but at the end only a few of them came true. Frankly, I don't have the time to go through demos to find people deserving of the various categories I would have awarded prizes to. I wanted to have some editors put together a frag clip, but I wasn't able to supply them with the demos to cut together something. Maybe in the future I can go back and grab them and try to put something cool together, but for now that's likely just not going to happen. Sorry to all the participants that were in it for your chance at skins! I do hope you did enjoy the tournament regardless.

    With the season finally over, I got to give my shout outs here.

    Here's to:
    @Noob^ / @Fuze: Y'all actual monkeys but thanks for actually committing to the tournament. Our matches were a lot of fun. It's been a while since I've gotten to play CS seriously, and y'all gave us a great finals. Also thanks for casting one of the semis game. I didn't get to watch it but I heard it was hella entertaining.

    @nick / @eXtr3m3: Goes without saying, y'all are the fucking goat. Couldn't ask for a better duo for the finals. Not only was it entertaining, but it was also way over the expectation in production. Y'all killed it and man, I'm glad I got to play on your stream.

    @Strayyz @Noxstar @Dreamz @Pred: The Volunteers that helped out throughout the tournament. I put a task on you guys and then mislead y'all with expectations, but you guys still came through here and there for the tournament. I really appreciate all the help and support.

    @DancingMoonLight @tides: Monkeys. Thanks for nothing /s. kidding, i love you boys

    @Lolagaf @WavY @Davie @jim/ @Edmund nd Strayyz: For sticking through the tournament, getting the matches going, showing up and playing your games, I can't thank y'all enough. You guys kept the tournament alive and moving. Without you guys, it woulda been solely some dumb exhibition event between 10 gorillas with no hype.

    @H4XOR: Thanks for sweating through your wardrobe, and both your brother's wardrobes. Kidding.

    But forreal you get a special shoutout for streaming most of the regulation matches. It was super helpful having you available since I knew I could trust you to take care of most the matches as an "admin."

    @BndC @Maan @Joolis @Paradox: bunch of fucking idiots. Thanks for carrying my ass (except you paradox, you suck.)

    I'm sure there's other people I missed, like all you guys who told me the event was great. The kind words really helped. I didn't know if I could keep myself invested in it, but occasionally getting the "you're killing it with the event" message was awesome. Shout out to all of you guys too.

    Once more, I gotta thank all of you guys for tuning in, following the event, participating here and there and being a part of the community. Without you guys, it would have been just some garbage event happening over the span of the summer, but with the turnout we had, it actually felt like a community event.

    SG Open Season 1 is over.

    As a parting gift, here's a family portrait of zero impact frags

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    Thanks a ton of putting this together Exk, was a lot of fun. We're stacking a team next time

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    Uploaded the VOD onto youtube just in case any haven't seen it (and so twitch doesn't delete it). It's gonna be LQ for a while since it's a 2 hour video so it'll probably be fine by the morning.

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    gg everyone they didn't wanna stomp too hard that's why I was a sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick View Post

    Uploaded the VOD onto youtube just in case any haven't seen it (and so twitch doesn't delete it). It's gonna be LQ for a while since it's a 2 hour video so it'll probably be fine by the morning.
    Go to 7:00 @H4XOR
    But in all seriousness, it was hella fun to watch and I hope everyone had a amazing time!

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    Thank you very much @Exk for organizing this. Even though I didn't participate it was fun to watch. Definitely an event I would like to see again.

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