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    Black Clover?

    Yo anyone watched Black Clover and enjoyed it?

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    on episode 47 rn, it's okay. Extremely similar to naruto if you liked that.

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    currently have been watching it weekly since ep 30~ I have really been enjoying it would give it a solid 8/10

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    I find it OK of a show. I can’t get myself to continue watching it really and just end up watching it maybe a few months later. Starts off pretty decent, not sure how it is now though.

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    i'm all caught up with it, it's 9.5/10 , would recommend. @Strayyz
    i know Strayyz likes it too. i think...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iMoonAsher View Post
    i'm all caught up with it, it's 9.5/10 , would recommend. @Strayyz
    i know Strayyz likes it too. i think...
    The anime is ok imo, I mean it's not terrible like some people say it is. But I do have a bone to pick with some of the aspects of the show. But first for anyone who hasn't watched a second of the show here is the plot: The plot is like any classic Shonen Jump series, the mc wants to be the number one in something. In this anime its the wizard king (others include hokage, pirate king, and number 1 hero), if you have watched naruto, I think it is very similar. Our mc Asta is born with no magic in a world of magic, while his rival who's name is Yuno was born to have a lot of magical power. So, asta and his rival yuno both strive to become wizard king after a backstory, this backstory is brought up so many times that it gets more screen time than some side characters. Another thing is that the mc, who gets the most screen time, screams at the top of his lungs almost every second he talks. Also, there are only about 100 episodes in the show so far, and some characters already have wasted potential. Now, lets talk about the animation. People say that the animation is terrible, but I still think it is watchable considered that the animation studio has a deadline to get each episode made on time. The fight scenes are a little rushed though and it is pretty scuffed sometimes. The arcs are all decent so far and some of the side characters who's potential didn't get wasted are cool to watch. The anime overall is alright and I definitely recommend this to anyone to likes action or shonen anime.

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