Hello everyone,

We have a special promotion for all of you today. It's not everyday that we have former staff members return, especially those who leave for medical school. Join me in welcoming back Black Rain! She will be resuming her role with the Board of Directors. Her duties will include:

  • Support/build/fix servers
  • Approve admin applications
  • Set up new Admin and Subscriber access
  • Issue admin warnings/punishments
  • Keep the community updated of any changes
  • Final say in all admin disputes
  • Plan for growth (website/servers)
  • Support forum/plugins/logos
  • Review and implement community suggestions
  • Promote/demote server admins
  • False Diagnoses
  • Handle admin complaints
  • Handle disputes among fellow admins
  • Be a role model to all admins/setting by example
  • Collect donations, manage subscriptions, and pay the bills
  • Manage the website, forums, and bansite
  • Manage AT staffing and responsibilities

Welcome back BR!