Second debate drew in 18 million views. Most eyes were set on Biden and Bernie but it seems many people were upset Andrew Yang only received two questions. (By scrolling through the comments.). There were too many people on stage in my opinion too. Here are some 8 bullet points for those that don't want to watch the full video.

When asked about taxes and healthcare, Bernie said he will raise taxes but make Medicare accessible for everyone. He also says he will cut medication costs in half.

Buttigeg was under fire and faced tough questions about a racially charged police shooting in his city when a white officer shot and killed a black man. He also believes free college education is not a good idea.

Yang spoke about his $1,000 for every American citizen over the age of 18. This will be funded by companies that are embracing automation that is taking away jobs in sectors such as truck driving, call centers, etc.

Sowell spoke of hypocrisy on Biden when in 1988, he said it's time to pass the torch. Sowell took Biden's words and said it's time to pass the torch. Biden replied "I'm still holding on to that torch."

Many people were talking about Kamala Harris's attack on Biden's track record on race. She started off by saying I know Biden is not a racist but he served with past Democrats (Sen. Eastland and Sen. Talmadge). Both were staunch opponents of desegregation. She also highlighted Biden's past opposition to school busing in the 1970s. Harris was on that bus as a child.

Everyone is for decriminalizing illegal border crossing.

All illegal immigrants in America will receive medical coverage.

Bernie supports free college education through Wall Street tax.


On stage

Marianne Williamson - Author and Activist

John Hickenlooper - Former Governor of Colorado

Andrew Yang - Entrepreneur

Pete Buttigieg - Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

Joseph R. Biden Jr. - Former US Vice President

Bernie Sanders - US Senator of Vermont

Kamala Harris - US Senator of California

Kirsten Gillibrand - US Senator of New York

Michael Bennet - US Senator of Colorado

Eric Swalwell - US Representative of California


Debate starts at 1:00:00