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    Survival Building Competition Submission

    What is the name of your build?:

    Nice hobbit house

    Describe your build:

    It a mostly wooden house that is built inside a cave. I made so many big building projects that I took a little bit of time to build this small thing one afternoon. The different rooms are basically 5x5 rooms arranged differently.

    Who built this (Minecraft usernames please)?:

    me, Clamor_

    Screenshots of your build, along with the coordinates and world the build is located in:

    -1000 -440 under the wreaked ship

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    that one scuffed dirt house
    Thanks for all the submissions everyone! Our submission window will close at 3AM EDT (to account for the West Coast). Once the window closes, we will no longer be accepting submissions and we'll begin judging everyone's submissions.

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    The winners of the Minecraft building competition

    1. @Greggy G because he took a lot of time to make his build and because it was almost perfect to the map ttt_minecraft_b5_minecraftedition.

    2. @SilentGuns because he did a lot of terraforming and his build is visually pleasing as well as original.

    3. @nesquik because his build was creative and original.

    Honorable mentions, @Charliere because her build was very creative and the build as a whole was perfect, and @Clamor because his little hobbit home was original and looks good.

    Thank you to everyone that entered the competition or helped out with someone else's build!

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