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    Trip Down Memory Lane - Map Release


    I've had a lot of plans on my mind, and a lot of spare time in the days to act on them. My gift to the TTT server comes in the form of a bunch of maps that I would love to have on the server. So to get right into it, I'd like to take you on a trip down memory lane:

    First we have,


    This map is ported from Garry's Mod with permission from the wonderful Cipher.

    This map is inspired from the original 1993 DOOM with Cipher's own spin on a TTT map, along with original DOOM textures and increased movement speed to help give it that DOOM touch that softens all of our hearts. I think it will make a wonderful addition to the server.

    Since I have them in my folder, I decided to use a custom Doomslayer model that I assume I got from here but I don't know where else I would have got it:
    All credit for the models to Kaesar

    Next up,


    This map was made by Litronom for TF2, was ported to GMod for TTT, and with his permission I have ported it to CSGO.

    This map is a recreation of Outset Island from 2002's The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, and is quite faithful I might add. It took some odd compression and file saving techniques, but I did manage to get it below 150 MB, with audio files to boot!


    Wait a minute, this map is already on the server!

    As I'm sure you noticed, this map is already on the server. I have fixed up a problem I left in the map where Traitors are actually shown as Detectives when tested, along with another problem with the tester.


    Again, this map is already on the server, but it so incomplete! To start, none of the traps work on the server! That's because the first time I ported the map I didn't know that R3TRO had traps working in the plugin. So without further ado, I present a new version!

    This version adds the ability to go into the 2 hidden T Rooms on the map, one in the center of the map, with two traps to activate! The other is a room hidden under the lighthouse, with a chest full of Traitorous goodies! I've also fixed numerous traps on the map which traitors can use to kill or maim the innocents, just look for the button with the glowing red outline and give it a shot!

    But that's not all; I've fixed the tester and the Diamond blocks! But wait, those required you to pick them up and place them in specific parts of the map. . .

    Well for the meantime, I made it so the Gold Block always teleports to the spot you need to take it, so the tester works 100% of the time now. I'm holding out on the Diamond blocks in case the Tech Team ever figures out why the grabbing plugin crashes the server. Until then, if you somehow manage to shoot all the Diamond ores to the furnace, and the Diamond block to the chest in the Lighthouse, you will be teleported to The End.

    Now for the main course, the New Original Foz maps! (wooo!)


    I know the first version was such a HUGE success, so I figured I'd give it a followup attempt! This completely new envisioning of the map is much more compact, has shallower water, no gimmicks, and is a little nicer with the frame rates.

    There is still a T-Room on the map, but it no longer has any traps. In the T-Room traitors can take a breather and pick up a new AK47 or an SSG-08. It also gives you a new view of the surrounding buildings.

    And for the finale:


    This map's layout and theme are inspired by a level in Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough. The level has some nice close quarters sections, along with length lanes for snipers. I didn't include any T-Rooms since I'm kinda sick of how uninspired they end up in my maps and since mine don't work out that well in CSGO anyways.

    That's all I've got for now, I hope to have more to show you in the future!

    Following this post, these maps will have their request threads posted and (hopefully) added to the game barring any errors on my part!

    I will eventually post the maps to gamebanana for storage/backup purposes, but for now they will be uploaded to my Mediafire.

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    Jesus Christ Foz, you want a spot on your own mapping team? Because that’s how you do it. Will try to test these on the live server this weekend.

    Some of the maps will not need testing as they're the same map, just fixes. Should already be on the server.

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