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    Feedback - Progression / Levels

    Hi all,

    So firstly, the team are close to play testing the survival server they've been working on, so hopefully all will perform well. However, one element that I'd like an opinion on is how levels have an affect on your gameplay.

    Reviewing the fundamentals of any game that consists of levelling, I wanted to get a little feedback on something that to me makes sense but maybe not to others..

    What are you thoughts on a restriction of abilities based on levelling? Specifically, what I'm looking to do is utilise the levelling from such plugin as mcmmo in order determine what you can achieve.

    Example: Level 1 mining will allow you to mine low level ore such as stone. Whereas, say for example only level 10 would allow you to mine gold ore.

    Those familiar with such mmorpgs as Runescape, will be familiar with this. I'm simply looking to offer something that rewards you for playing, rather than just reaping the reward of playing for so little. Additionally, with the implementation of a marketplace / player shop, those on lower levels could purchase items from those with a higher level that have been produced by them (i.e low level could buy a gold pickaxe from someone that has crafted one), therefore not restricting usability.

    Thoughts would be appreciated, as it would be nice to offer something non-standard to any other server.


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    I love that idea of Level for mining and such.
    It allows for a steady climb into "End Game" and allows for a steady and even playing field.

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    I think this is good, but once you are able to mine everything, could there possibly be something like added efficiency/fortune while mining?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kopsta View Post
    I think this is good, but once you are able to mine everything, could there possibly be something like added efficiency/fortune while mining?
    McMMO natively makes you mine faster with higher level, stacking on top of efficiency/fortune.

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    Ayy where da mining cape at?


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    McMMO is fine and all but can we please not level gate mining blocks?

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    Restricting mining certain ores to different levels seems like a bad idea. It would probably annoy people more than excite them to play and could make them want to find another server, instead of populating ours.

    If you aren't already, i would opt for having the mcmmo legacy leveling as it feels more rewarding to level up faster and have more levels to level up to. Rewarding for playtime is a good idea however, as it gives people something to look forward to.

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