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    Quote Originally Posted by CIU View Post
    I think this thread has diverted far from being a discussion about Trump.

    But as you can see clearly see me and mini games pol man are clearly morally equal in the positions we hold /s
    a call to actionable violence is equally repugnant regardless of the reasons behind it. Just because you can't wrap your head around that idea doesn't make it not true.

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    Appreciate the passionate responses here, but there's no need to resort to insults to get your points across. I'm not too familar with US politics so I'm not going to bother getting involved with this, but keep the posts on-topic and civil please you can have a difference of opinion and discuss it, but posts made purely to insult another person aren't needed.

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    I actually agree to an extent that people who post ridiculous shit should be called out on it. I don’t give a shit if you’re right, left, or middle - I really don’t. ‘Support and defend the constitution...’ doesn’t have a clause that says ‘but only if it lines up with your beliefs!’

    As human beings, we should all be able to come together and denounce a person igniting bombs and throwing fucking Molotov cocktails. That’s not ‘fake news’, that’s not ‘fox being fox!’, that’s not ‘orange man bad’, it’s not a ‘he raped me but i have no proof!’, that literally has zero to do with politics, just like the shooting of the congressman at a softball game isn’t the fault of the democrats - it’s a person who’s a fucking whack job for whatever reason, and it’s sad we can’t come together and publicly denounce actions like that, but instead praise the person. Absolutely disgusting, and if you support that, you need some serious self reflecting.

    seriously, what the fuck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minigames Pol Man View Post
    The fact that there is very obvious left fascism is this thread is crazy. The left wants you in food lines, the left wants your guns, they want your freedom, they want our borders and they want our patriotism. When Trump tells these progressive fucks to get out of our country, I agree. I don't care where they are from, they can get the fuck out if they want to send our country into full blown communism. People shouldn't be coming to our country illegally if they don't want to be caged like animals. If someone broke into my home I wouldn't give them right of passage or stick them in a cage- I'd blow their fucking brains out. Obama "The Drone" Man blows up a whole bunch of innocent people overseas and they don't care, a few African-Americans committing crimes get shot and suddenly there's this mass racist narrative. I wish there was more scrutiny pointed towards the devilish and damaging culture of the current minority progressives. You don't want to get treated like an animal? Don't act like an animal.
    sure the left are facists for wanting an end to detention camps

    But Trump can't even call out the blatant racist xenophobic nationalists among his own supporters

    The worst thing is that many people, even on this very forum agree with what you've said in this post & honestly that's sickening.

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