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What do you guys think of implementing a simple command that allows CTs to type !o or /o in front of chat orders? This could allow the orders to be printed as a toast message (like during !fo) as well as in chat, in case anyone misses it. Chat orders are allowed on our server, and meant to be followed, so it only makes sense to make them more visible to players. It wouldn't be terribly obtrusive, but would be considerably more noticeable. There are several issues with chat commands, but a large portion of these are caused by just how spammed chat is (non-order messages, join/leave/team notifications, suicide notifications, splash announcements, etc.). This causes many players to ignore chat altogether for the majority of rounds as they are focused on play. Having an option for toast message chat orders would cause players to be much more cognizant of chat orders, and alert fellow CTs of active chat orders. While you could make the argument that this could easily be abused, it is relatively unobtrusive, and would already be covered by our spam rules. Additionally, rules covering racism and non-orders as toasts could be added to keep players in check.
This is a great idea because players won’t complain about not seeing the order given in chat or anything related. Also, players that want to give orders and are on CT would enjoy this a lot, especially since there has been a lot of new players and most do not have mics. I would like this to be implemented into the JB server but it would be a lot of work.