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    T25 and other Beachbody workouts - making me sick?

    I consider myself to be in fairly good shape. Not an athlete by any means but I jog, lift weights, bike, run, dance, hike - probably your typical west coaster
    But every time I try to amp up my workout routine and try Insanity, T25, and P90X, I get work out to the point of exhaustion, and it takes me DAYS to recover from it. Once I caught a cold right after I did the workout! I eat well, sleep well and make sure I get my "fuel" pre and post workout. It's almost more detrimental than beneficial to do these workouts since I'm out of it for a while afterward.
    Does anyone have the same issue?

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    According to webmd you may have an immunodeficiency.

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    How long have you been lifting weights? Lifting weights is completely different than being active in terms of running/hiking etc. The first month or so your muscles will take a long time to recover (I’d say like a week maybe) until they get use to it. After that you’ll prolly only be sore for a day or two. Maybe don’t train till complete failure. Make sure you drink a lot of water and seen getting enough protein.

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    Sometimes, you may be doing much for your specific body build. Some people simply cannot do what others can based on genetics. Maybe continue doing what you have been doing as a routine, and build up muscle, etc and then try at these harder workouts. If you still face trouble, seeing someone, or start at a lower intensity than what you are trying to do. Personally, I really only run/walk/jog, and bike around so I am not too sure about more intense workouts.

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    What I think is that you are overworking your body. It can take only so much ya know, just maybe cool down on the reps or somethin' because if it's getting to the point to where you're getting is is kinda crazy. Maybe you got sick from something else that has does not have to do working out.
    But for now, leave it to the sWoLe PaTrOl...

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    There is absolutely no reason why doing Insanity or one of those other workouts that stress 'go at your own pace and rest as needed' should do that to you. That's not heavy weight lifting to the point where you should be getting sick. There is a complete difference between being exhausted vs. getting sick after intense workouts every time.

    You should see a doctor immediately, and not ask for advice on an internet video gaming forum when it comes to your health to this extent. I'm going to close this for liability reasons, because I think you might actually have something wrong with you that requires medical attention. Once again - I'd advise you to stop doing what makes you 'sick' immediately and seek a doctor.

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