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Vents which lead to areas that are KOS or areas that make a CTs job harder to keep track of you are KOS.
Just going to play Devil's advocate here for a second and ask something: Who are you to say what makes a CT's job harder to keep track of them? You continue in the thread about being against CT discretion - how can you possibly say what makes mine, Frank's, Steve's, etc., job harder as a CT? Even in something as petty as a cell hop - that makes it harder to keep track of them because they could be in either cell. It's a minor scale when compared to the rest of a normal sized map, but the concept remains the same.

Was going to quote like 3 other people, but everyone else already said my thoughts - extremely petty and small to start micromanaging and creating rules over every single vent that might possibly be deemed as something kill worthy or not. That will create mass confusion and now requires a whole new list of things for people to memorize in their head: which vents in each and every map are KOS and which are not.

PB is already extremely, extremely T-sided over the last 7-8 years with all the map changes and additions to secrets, which are astronomical compared to what they used to be. T's be getting guns that don't even exist in the rest of CSGO lol. Any rule or server change that makes a CT's job harder is going to be met with extreme criticism by me typically. The fact that CT's only win 32% of the time according to stat tracker should be an obvious indicator that it's slightly T-sided as is. I'm not saying it should be 50/50, because there are going to be T's that don't rebel and whatnot, but 32% should trigger an evaluation of what's going on, such as the recent armor addition to CT's. When I managed PB, CT's had increased armor as well. People will always bitch and complain whenever advantages are added to CT though.

Anyways, I digress. I don't support a rule change of anything of the sort referencing this thread. Leave it as is. This is just my opinion, and the managers of PB will come out with a definitive answer shortly, I'd imagine.

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If a CA could please lock this thread until then it would be appreciated.