Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, our leniency regarding sharing twitch links has been taken to an extent that is considered overall harmful for the servers. While this mainly applies to Twitch, it also applies to any type of stream where you are broadcasting / have broadcasted, etc. (our tinychat is really the only camera / broadcasting thing that’s okay). If you have ever received permission to share your twitch link anywhere on forums, servers, TS, etc, it is officially revoked. Threads that have these links will be deleted as they are brought to the attention of staff. This is effective immediately, and ignorance is not an excuse.

From now on, this will be allowed on a case-by-case basis. I am the only person (along with @Gator, in my extended absence) who can give permission for this. Not a CA, AT, admin, BD, or Jesus himself. If I think you’re going to be an asshat with it, or I just plain don’t know you, don’t expect to get it. It’s an extreme case-by-case where I’ll allow it if I’m confident you won’t disturb gameplay.

People violating this, at any rank, will fall under ‘advertising’, and be handled as such. It’s unfortunate that our inch was turned into a mile, but now we have to protect server integrity. Do not try and skirt around this rule. If there are any questions, feel free to PM me - along with if you’d like permission to share your link. If it is still abused after this, then it will just be banned altogether.

Admins - I’ll make a list of people who are allowed to do this in the SA section so you can see it.